Women Of Excellence



The Jesus House Women’s Fellowship is comprised of all members of the church that are women, excluding teens.

Their mission is to apply the full compliments of Kingdom principles and tenets in enriching the Total Woman spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, and in all other aspects of life.

By offering teachings, prayers, seminars, and inspirational programs throughout the year, the Women’s Fellowship seeks to build up and support each woman in every area possible.

For their monthly fellowship, the women meet every second Saturday, and their annual conference is held in the month of May.


​The JHS Women’s Fellowship seeks to help women to:

  • Experience spiritual freedom and fullness through application of the word of God to every aspect of their lives and relationships: Romans 8:1.
  • Discover biblical answers to the root issues that keep women from being all that God created them to be: Genesis 2:18.
  • Embrace their calling to a life of surrender, sacrifice, service, and spirit-filled living, and thus enable them to be life-givers and instruments of revival in their homes, church, and the community: Proverbs 31.
  • Promote fellowship and Godly relationships among women in the church.