Our Senior Pastors

Pastor Phillips Aladesua
Pastor Phillips currently serves as the pastor of Jesus House Scarborough. He has been pastoring since 2006 and is dedicated to teaching and training believers to discover and fulfill their calling in life and ministry. He is particularly passionate about raising followers of Jesus Christ, who will impact their world through the timeless principles of the Kingdom of God. He enjoys, and always looks forward to, teaching and exposing the Word of God with simplicity and clarity. He is married to Pastor Yemisi Aladesua, and they are blessed with three children.


Pastor Yemisi Aladesua

Pastor Yemisi co-labours in the ministry with her husband, Pastor Phillips. She leads both the women’s ministry and the marriage counselling ministry at JHS, where she deploys her gifts and passion in empowering women and helping marriages thrive. She enjoys praying and reading, but above all, she is zealous in helping others discover and fulfill their purpose in life and for Christ. She is happily married to Pastor Phillips Aladesua and they are the proud parents of three children.