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Church Departments & Ways to Get Involved

The Administration Department oversees the efficient and smooth running of the church, including organizing people and resources toward the common goals and objectives of the church, ensuring security around the church, and controlling the church’s physical assets.
The Ushering Department’s core responsibility is to ensure and maintain orderliness and peace in the church; thereby creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the move of the Holy Ghost and which God Himself would be proud of.
The Publication Department handles all publications and publicity for the church, including bulletins, tracts, and newsletters
Technical (Audio/Video)
The technical department provides the church with requisite technical support for all events, meetings, and services. They record, edit, and package messages, and handle the operation and maintenance of video and audio equipment.
Information Technology
The I.T. Department uses its mastery of technology to support the church’s administrative functions by acquiring, developing, and managing data relevant to the church. It also oversees the development of the church’s website. It is vital in ensuring the smooth running of the church.
The Protocol Department is responsible for coordinating the logistics of visits from ministers of God and special guests to the church, and all other requisite matters.
The Sanitation Team ensures the constant cleanliness and beautification of the church.

The Finance Department is responsible for all funds collected and disbursed. It is also their responsibility to provide financial reports, establish controls over the church’s funds and financial resources, and liaise with relevant external parties on behalf of the church.


Holy Police (God's Generals)
The Holy Police are responsible for ensuring the orderly flow of traffic within the church’s parking lot, and general premises. They ensure that the parking area is conducive for parking, and that parked vehicles are safe.
The Transportation Department coordinates and assists with the transportation of members to church services and meetings.
The Evangelism Department ensures that the church is always involved with the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). It oversees all outreach-related initiatives, including mobilizing church members in efforts to reach out to people in the community by giving out tracts or inviting them to special programs.
Choir - Fountain of Life
The Fountain of Life Choir leads the congregation into the presence of God through music. They are instrumental in inviting the presence of God through anointed songs and making the worship services conducive to the move of the Holy Spirit.
Drama - Word of Life
The Drama Department provides an alternative, but equally effective, means of communicating God’s word through drama and choreography presentations; they also prepare the hearts of people to hear from God.
Christian Education
This department’s mandate is to ensure the continued nourishment of the body of Christ, i.e. the church, through the Word. It organizes classes that cater to the specific spiritual needs of the different stages of a believer in the church of God, some of which include the adult Sunday School classes, and the New Believers and Water Baptismal Class.
The Prayer Team, as intercessors, intercedes for the church, members, and also coordinates the prayer efforts of the church. Members are encouraged to be part of their meetings.
Workers Directorate
The Directorate of Workers’ Education has a two-fold mandate—education and edification. This directorate prepares and trains intending workers for service in the house of God. It also assists the pastor in building up the existing body of workers.
Care & Hospitality
The Care and Hospitality Team attends to welfare needs and issues that arise within the church. They determine the best ways to meet specific needs, or requests for assistance by members or other departments within the church.
Marriage Counselling
Led by the Pastor (Mrs.) of Jesus House Scarborough, the Marriage Counseling ministry exists to mentor and assist both intending and married couples in accordance with the word of God.
Cell Groups
The functions of the Cell Groups are to assist the individual believer in maximizing his or her God-given talents, to promote a greater level of love within the church, and to assist in meeting the needs of its members. The cell groups are gender-specific and usually consist of seven to ten members.

The Career Department keeps the church community informed about job and business opportunities. They assist with all employment-related matters, such as resume building, and career advice for new-immigrants.

Visitation - The Caring Heart Ministry

The mandate of the Visitation Department is in line with Paul’s words to the church in Acts 15:36. The Visitation Department acts as a channel for conveying the love and affection of the church’s leadership to the needy and those requiring special attention

Follow Up
The Follow-Up Team welcomes new members into the church, and ensures their smooth integration into the church by following up and keeping in touch with them.
Community Relation Outreach
The mission of Jesus House Scarborough’s community relations initiative is to touch the lives of people within the community by encouraging integration, providing services, and partnering with other organizations within the community; all this, with the aim of winning souls for Christ. CRIC organizes food bank drives twice each year at the church in order to donate non-perishable food items to the community food bank.

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