Community Relations


The mission of Jesus House Scarborough’s community relations initiative is to touch the lives of people within the community by encouraging integration, providing services, and partnering with other organizations within the community; all this, with the aim of winning souls for Christ. CRIC has created a food donation site in Jesus House Scarborough, working in collaboration with a food bank in the community. They donate non-perishable food items to the community food bank. CRIC also hosts programs in the community where up to 100 families participate. And they have partnered with Agincourt Community Centre in organizing activities for seniors hosted in the JHS church building. Some of CRIC’s short-term goals are to establish relationships with the correctional facilities closest to the church; to create partnerships with other community organizations in the form of donations, sponsorship, and presentations; and to visibly participate in local events, organize and participate in fund-raisers, and develop volunteer worker teams.

How Can You Help?

  • Volunteer by joining the team, especially if you live in our neighbourhood
  • Donate towards our food drives
  • Make financial donations
  • Pray for us


Make a donation and partner with us.