Outreach Programs


The Care and Hospitality Team attends to welfare needs and issues that arise within the church. They determine the best ways to meet specific needs, or requests for assistance by members or other departments within the church.

Led by the Pastor (Mrs.) of Jesus House Scarborough, the Marriage Counseling ministry exists to mentor and assist both intending and married couples in accordance with the word of God. The Marriage Counseling ministry mentors intending couples, organizing forums and classes to counsel and prepare them for married life. It also counsels married couples as the need arises, providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support. This ministry organizes marriage enrichment seminars annually.

The functions of the Cell Groups are to assist the individual believer in maximizing his or her God-given talents, to promote a greater level of love within the church, and to assist in meeting the needs of its members. The cell groups are gender-specific, and usually consist of seven to ten members.

The Career Department keeps the church community informed about job and business opportunities. They assist with all employment-related matters, such as resume building and career advice for new immigrants.

The mandate of the Visitation Department is in line with Paul’s words to the church in Acts 15:36. The Visitation Department acts as a channel for conveying the love and affection of the church’s leadership to the needy and those requiring special attention.

The Follow Up Team welcomes new members into the church and ensures their smooth integration into the church by following up and keeping in touch with them.